Kam Habibi Hurricane Facts

After all of my extensive time handling the after-effects of Hurricane Maria, I have come up with what I call Kam Habibi hurricane facts.

These are items that have come in handy over the years that have both helped me to treat the people in Puerto Rico show┬áneed the help the most and to protect myself from the many dangerous factors that hurricane’s produce.

Below are my Kam Habibi hurricane facts…


Fact One: Hurricanes Have Strong Winds

We have all heard about the strong forces that hurricanes can create, but as a Kam Habibi hurricane fact that I have to share, I am telling you personally that what you have heard on the news is nothing compared to the real thing.

When you are in the middle of a storm like this, you hold on to whatever you can because chances are, if it is not screwed to the ground then it will end up flying away.

After the storm, then the real work begins because there is a lot of damage and someone needs to take control and start fixing what has broken and help the people who are hurting.

Kam Habibi Hurricane fact: Homes can be destroyed

Depending on the strength of the hurricane, you can either wake up the next morning with your home still intact or you could wake up and see that you no longer have a roof over your head.

To prevent this, here is a Kam Habibi hurricane solution: be sure to watch the news and be aware of when a hurricane may strike then do what you need to do to secure your home, you will not regret it.

Take some time to secure your roof and to make sure that any loose items are stored inside of your garage so they do not blow away.